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LuxuriousLandscaping services


We believe in creation of bespoken and luxurious green spaces which allow you to live & breathe  your space. With luxurious feel we induce the beauty of nature in such a way that it makes your space tranquile and the cutting edge designs transform your barren land into a paradise like landscape.

Paradise Garden does not only provide garden landscaping but also provides complete lawn care services which include landscape design and architecture, landscape development and maintenance, garden design and nursery services like plants maintenance, building gazebos, pergolas and light designing, to enhance the comfort and beauty of your garden. We also design fountains and water bodies to add more life to your garden using energy efficient landscaping ideas which are based on the local climate and environment. 

We assist you in all your gardening, plants nursery, plant selection and architecture needs. Whether you are looking for a unique garden style for your home or you want to add the beauty of nature in your commercial property, your hotel or restaurant, add vertical garden or terrace garden, parks and lawns to your space. 

Saving your time and effort in maintaining your precious garden, Paradise Garden takes care of everything right from planning, execution and building the hardscape and landscape to after maintenance of your garden. Designing the garden and lawn area in accordance with local weather and habitat, our experts examine your space, area, available material, soil condition to design the perfect layout for your landscape. 

We don’t just design a garden for you, we design living and breathing space that gives you years of pleasant look and peace of mind. For everyone who loves living around nature and wants to have a garden that signifies your own style and choice, Paradise Garden assists you throughout. 

Beautiful landscaping Gardening

Our Visions


Luxury Spaces

Everyone deserves experiencing luxury, and we help in it by luxurifying your  spaces.

Healthy Spaces

We aim to contribute in everyones strive & desire to live in  pollution free environment.

Urban Tranquility

Urban areas are deprived of peace.We work on to make living beautifull & tranquille  here.

Recycle Spaces

Urban areas are deprived of large spaces too. So we recycle existing spaces into gardens.